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Bhrigu, Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu

Maharishi Bhrigu
Why Shiva is worshiped in the form of lingam? Why Brahma hasn’t special worship and are very few the temples dedicated to him although he’s considered 'creator god'?
The variety of religious experiences existed for millennia in the Indian peninsula have often resulted in conflicts and disagreements that have also echoed in the myths, such as already I told in the sacrifice of Daksha and the death of Sati. Obviously each religious tradition narrates myths and legends in which its own God has prevailed over the others and this makes the mythological tradition, literary and cultural life of the Indian subcontinent very rich. Today I want to mention one of the many Vaishnava traditions narrated by many texts - including the Padma Purana - which recalls the curse of the sage Bhrgu hurled against Shiva and Brahma.
Well, during a great sacrifice held on Mount Mandara, the wise Brahmins wondered who was the greatest among the Gods Shiva, Brahma or Vishnu. The sage Manu - son of Prajapati - said: "He who is made of pure sattva, who has only the cohesive tendency (guna) and preserver without even a fraction of tamas, the tendency of dissolution, or raja, the centripetal tendency, he is the Absolute, the greatest of the Gods. "
To test who among the three gods were characterized by benevolent guna sattva, one of the Maharishi, the great sages, was chosen, he was Bhrgu, son of the God Varuna (or Prajapati). 
Bhrgu first went to Shiva. But the wise man could not even see the God, as he was stopped by Nandin - the bull vahana of Shiva - which did not allow him entry. "Shiva is enjoying the love of his consort Parvati, you cannot enter." The Brahmin - who like all the Brahmins was very touchy - got angry and cursed Shiva. "You, who are totally taken by tamas, obscured by passion, you don’t honor worthily a wise Brahmin will be transformed into a lingam and your wife in a yoni and you will be worshiped in that form, but not by the Brahmins."
Bhrgu then went to Brahma and could come before him, but the God, seated on a lotus, was immersed in rajas and he didn’t get up nor saluted the Brahmin.
"Because you're surrounded by rajas and have not honored me - cried Bhrgu to Brahma - you may not be worshiped by any devoted!”
The wise brahmin arrived finally in front of Vishnu, the God was sleeping lying on Ananta, the serpent residue (seshanaga) while his wife Lakshmi massaging the feet. Bhrgu came to God and placed his foot on his chest. Vishnu got up and said, "Thank you wise man, the touch of your foot is a blessing for me, the dust that falls from the feet of every Brahmins leads to salvation." So said Vishnu and donated to Bhrgu food and wealth and reserved a special attention.
Bhrgu then prostrated himself at the feet of Vishnu and worshiped him, "Thou, God of a thousand names, you Vasudeva, you Hari, you Narayana, thou Blessed One, thou Janardana, thou preserver of the Universe, you pervade everything, you are formed only by sattva, you’re the supreme deity and you alone will be worshiped by the brahmanas and by the twice-born. "

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