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Shiva, Sati and Daksha

Shiva. God ambiguous with 1008 names. Solitary, ascetic, frequenter of places of cremation, beggar covered with ashes. Most likely it took centuries for the religion that was based on the Vedas, brought in the Indian subcontinent from 1500 BC by the Aryans accept that indigenous god.
Shiva was regarded as something foreign, threatening, harassing, dirt.
At first he was called Rudra, the screamer, he was identified as the hunter who struck the belly of Prajapati in the act of linking to his daughter Usha. That arrow hit the progenitor and his seed is scattered on the ground giving rise to everything that exists.
Rudra was feared by men and gods. Newborn he flung himself against his father. He was not allowed to sacrifice, could only eat what was left of sacrifice.
The move by the exclusion of Shiva at his prevalence, ie the acceptance of the gods, rituals and religious principles in India by the indigenous Vedic culture, is a metaphor in the myth of Shiva and his first wife, Sati, which in Sanskrit means 'loyalty' I want to summarize now.
Well, Sati was the first of sixty daughters of Daksha, the Lord of sacrifice, and she was married to Shiva on the order of Brahma. Daksha, however, did not like Shiva.
Shiva - Elephanta caves
One day Daksha went to celebrate a sacrifice, everyone stood at his entrance as a sign of respect, but not Shiva. Daksha felt offended, did not allow Shiva to take his share of sacrifice nor invited him over to the sacrifices. Shiva was humiliated.
Sati, angry about the exclusion of her husband, went to his father and killed himself burning in the sacrificial fire.
Shiva was upset by the death of his wife. He went to the place where she was burned and his ashes scattered on the body. Then he realized his revenge, a revenge that had to be final, was to mark a before and after.
The great god tore a hair and from it sprang Virabhadra and Mahakali, terrible monsters who, driving a crowd of violent beings, attacked the gods and sacrifice. They destroyed and killed non-stop until Virabhadra cut off the head of Daksha. The gods could not help but take refuge near Brahma to which they told what had happened.
Brahma then, along with all the other gods, went to Shiva for forgiveness, worship him and promised him he would have had the sacrifice.
He then went on the battlefield. Daksha's body without his own head lying on the ground. At the behest of Shiva they put on the body of Daksha the head of a goat, the sacrificial animal. Then Shiva looked at Daksha and in this way he gave him back to life.
It was over time. Shiva had been accepted. Shiva was Mahadeva, the Great God.

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