venerdì 22 aprile 2011

Indian tale

Indian 'tuc-tuc'
Today I want to tell a story that aptly summarizes one of the basic concepts of Hinduism, the 'divinity' of man and the need to seek God or the Absolute within us and not outside. By meditation and not by action.
At the beginning of time there were no distinctions between mortal and immortal, between Gods and men, all they were Gods.
But people made bad use of their own divinity and the Gods decided to degrade them to mortals. To do this, Gods deprived the people of their divinity.
Once back in possession of the divinity of men, the Gods wondered where it can be hidden so that people would not find it.
Someone advised  to hide the divinity of the men in the thick of the forest, others proposed to bury it under ground, others pointed to the depth of the deep sea as the best hiding place.
But none of these places was deemed appropriate, the Gods were certain that the men would have to search their own lost divinity everywhere and - thanks to their ability - they would find it.
Then an idea came to  the Gods: "Why don’t we hide the divinity of man in the most hidden part of his own heart? Surely that is a place where man will not seek it."
And so it was.
It’s why that man has explored the depths of the ocean and the mysterious celestial spaces, wildest forests and most inhospitable deserts, rugged mountains and stormy seas. To search for something that actually is within his own heart.

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