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Gandhari's gaze and Duryodhana's fate

Nakula, one of the
five Pandavas brothers

Kurukshetra battle was at its seventeenth day. The Pandavas were defeating their cousins ​​Kauravas who, thirteen years before, had usurped the throne by deception as Mahabharata narrated.
Of the hundred sons of blind king Dhritarashtra was left just one, the wicked Duryodhana, who represented the cause of the biggest and bloodiest war of humanity. The next day he would fight against Bhima in what presumably would be the final battle.
Queen Gandhari, mother of Duryodhana, was overwhelmed by the pain of having lost all her sons except one, wanted save Duryodhana at all costs, even though she knew that the whole tragedy was a result of the sins of her son.
Gandhari, who since her marriage had covered her eyes with a bandage to become blind as blind was her husband Dhritarashtra, had undergone austerities and meditations which had given her great powers. Then she went to the battlefield to give a chance of salvation to his son.
"My son - Gandhari said to Duryodhana - tomorrow morning before going to fight come to my tent completely naked."
The next day Duryodhana went to his mother without clothes on, but at the entrance of the tent came across Krishna, major ally of the Pandavas, the Duryodhana enemies, who had gone to pay homage to the queen, not coincidentally at that time.
"Duryodhana, because you're so naked?" said Krishna.
"I have to go to the queen my mother," said Duryodhana.
"But it is inconvenient and isn’t allowed to present to own mother in that state, at least gird your hips with a cloth," said Krishna.
And Duryodhana, embarrassed, did so and went into the tent of his mother.
"I am here before you, mother," said Duryodhana.
Gandhari, for the first time since she was married, took off her blindfold and with her mystical eyes infused into the body of her son invincibility, but at the same time the queen was desperate.
"Why have you covered your hips with a cloth? In this way the parts of your body that have not been exposed to my gaze will be vulnerable! "
"Krishna told me that it was not appropriate to introduce myself to you without any clothes, and so I did."
Krishna! The queen knew. The fate of her last son was sealed too. The day after Duryodhana was killed by Bhima who broke both his legs.

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