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Krishna and Govardhan hill

Krishna raising Govardhan
The villagers of Vrindavana were preparing Indrapuja, the yearly sacrifice dedicated to the King of the Gods, Lord of the rain who, with his benevolence, made possible their lives and the lives of animals bred by them.
But Krishna, the seventh iavatar of Vishnu, who lived with the shepherds of the village, persuaded them there was no need to make that sacrifice.
"There is no need to make a sacrifice to Indra, the rain will fall and the water will not fail for you or for your animals and for your fields. It's better than the sacrifice you are doing in honor of the hill Govardhan, it's makes your life possible, not Indra. "
The shepherds and peasants of Vrindavana were astounded by those words, but after some hesitation, they began to celebrate a grand sacrifice in honor of the hill at the foot of which stood their village.
Krishna wanted to teach a lesson to Indra became too proud and wanted to restore the hierarchy, he was the Supreme Personality of Godhead which bakta, devotees, had veneration and worship.
Indra, however, was furious and called together his most powerful clouds starting samvartaka, the awful cloud that appears every dissolution of the universe.
The village of Vrindavan was struck by most furious storm of all time, for days and days it did rain and hail. The land was no longer able to absorb water, the village was devastated by severe floods, people and animals did not know where to stand and turned to Krishna, pleading for help.
Krishna then lifted by his hand the whole hill of Govardhan and invited all the shepherds and their animals under that huge umbrella.
Indra continued to bring down rain, but friends of Krishna were safe under his protection, and the wrath of the King of the gods nothing could against Krishna.
Indra understood, he did stop raining and bowed humbly at the feet of Krishna.
Govardhan Hill was put back in its place and is still celebrated every year a sacrifice in his honor, Govardhanpuja.

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  1. Sempre interessanti i tuoi post. Mi piace, poi, leggerli in inglese

  2. Grazie Sonia, ma forse è meglio che i post tu li legga in italiano e non nel mio 'google-english'!

  3. Your "google-english" is in fact pretty good :-))
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