martedì 26 agosto 2014

Mumbai, what wonderful city!

Mumbai, what wonderful city! Hostile and aggressive, but also cozy and charming. Chaotic and noisy, but also quiet and relaxing. It seems the navel of India, where part and collects everything that happens on the continent.
I've wanted to visit for the umpteenth time, because it is a city that fascinates me.
No program, go for a stroll on the city and see what you find, and especially those who are.
Obviously there are some points of reference. The first is the legendary Leopold Café, photographed below. It is one of Shantaram and a thousand other novels set in Bombay.
And then the Mumbai Devi Temple, the temple dedicated to the patron goddess of the city.
Great ride in the crazy Chor Bazar, while the Crawford Market is getting a bit too touristy.
Always striking the Haji Ali Dargan although the area is more and more dirty.
Then I got lost and only a taxi took me back to the right path!
Tomorrow others around.

Leopold Caffè 

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