mercoledì 27 agosto 2014

Mumbai again

I took this photo to 18.00 inside Victoria Terminus, the main train station in Mumbai. It doesn't give a good idea of ​​the chaos, the noise, the smells, the amount of people that were there. It seemed that the billion or more Indians were all there.

However, Mumbai is a really crazy city. Look at the picture below. We are in Mahatma Gandhi Road, in the street of banks, financial companies and big insurance companies, the financial hub of Mumbai. At one corner of the street this lady keeps two cows and prepares meatballs with the feed. People give her a few rupees and she takes a meatball and give it to the cows. The devotee touches the animal, touches their own forehead and goes to work.

We ended the evening by going to the cinema. We saw Mardaani, a detective film in Hindi. It tells the story of a woman police officer in Mumbai who vanquishes a gang that kidnaps girls and starts to prostitution in India.

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