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Sati doubts Shiva

Sati asked for an explanation to her father, Daksha
Do you remember when Daksha organized his great sacrifice and not invited Shiva and his wife Sati, who was also the daughter of Daksha? Autoimmolò Sati and Shiva destroyed the sacrifice and beheaded Daksha (click here to learn more).
But how was it possible that the wife of the greatest and most powerful of the gods died, she was the embodiment of the supreme goddess? How is it possible that Shiva was deprived of his beloved wife?
The Shiva Purana gives an explanation.
When Brahma was able to convince Shiva to take a wife, the great god put three conditions.
His wife had to be a woman able to sustain his seed of gold, she had to be a woman devoted to meditation when Shiva was meditating, but also passionate lover in the erotic relationship with her husband, and finally she had to be a woman who would never doubted him. "If she will doubt for a moment of me I'll abandon her," said Shiva to Brahma.
There were the suitable woman, she was Sati, the supreme goddess incarnated in one of the daughters of Daksha and all went well for thousands of years. Sati showed great amateur, but also able to spend thousands of years in meditation together with her ​​husband.
But one day, the certainty of Shiva on his wife nicked.
Shiva and Sati in fact met Rama, the seventh avatar of Vishnu, and the two greeted each other by bowing.
Sati asked Shiva why he, the supreme god, he had bowed to a mortal and Shiva explained to her that Rama was not a mortal but the god Vishnu.
Sati was puzzled and Shiva told her, " If you do not believe me, test him."
And so did Sati, she became Sita, Rama's wife who had been kidnapped by Ravana,  to see if Rama would recognize the deception. Rama, being a god, discovered the deception and Sati immediately convinced . But she had doubted Shiva.
Then came the crime of the sacrifice of Daksha which Shiva and Sati had not been invited .
Sati asked the reason for such treatment and Shiva replied, " Daksha consider me as an enemy, so we were not invited."
But Sati replied, "He can not do the sacrifice without us, he didn't invite us because I am his daughter, and he thought that there was no need to call anyone, I'm going to see."
For the second time Sati doubted her husband.
As they went to finish things we know. Sati - humiliated by the behavior of the father - is burned on the pyre. The marriage with Shiva had this end.

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