venerdì 15 luglio 2011

Why is Bombay in a hurry to forget its dead?

Interesting article on Times of India of CP Surendran who criticizes how easily the Bombayites forget the attaks that periodically hit the city.
"Less than 24 hours later, most of the 65 lakh commuters, who fuel the much mythified entrepreneurial fire of the city, are back to work".
"I remember well - Surendran writes - the 1993 serial blasts when the floor shook beneath my feet. Then, too, the day after the blasts that killed over 200 people, Bombayites were back to work much to the praises of the media at large. Since then the myth of the Spirit of Bombay has come in for periodic backslapping and thankgiving in the context of terrorist violence."
"If bombs go off a city and kill people, the survivors should be taking a break from their killing routine, pay tribute to the dead... and perhaps a minute's observation of silence in public places. They should be discussing in their cooperative societies and other communities how pressure the rather passive state government."
"That - Surendran concludes - is showing real respect to the dead and to the living."

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