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Concentrate just on the target

Arjuna fighting against Karna in Kurukshetra
Drona was the master of arms of the five Pandava brothers and of their cousins, ​​the Kauravas. He taught them the techniques of combat, the same techniques used by them during the bloody battle of Kurukshetra narrated in the Mahabharata, epic poem.

One day, Drona wanted to test the ability of his students in the Archery. He built a wooden bird and put it on a branch of a tall tree, then asked his students to hit it with an arrow.
The first to step forward was the eldest of the Pandavas, Yudhishthira.
"What do you see?" asked the teacher Drona.
"I see the bird," he said.
"And then?" Drona asked.
"I see the branch and the tree," he said.
"And then?" Drona insisted.
"I see you, master, and I see my brothers," replied Yudhishthira.
"Go away!" Drona ordered.
It was the turn of his cousin Duryodhana, he went to the shooting position.
"What you see, Duryodhana?" Drona asked.
"I see the bird on the branch, the tree, all of you and ..."
Drona would not let him finish and drove him away rudely as well as all his other students who provided similar responses.
Aswatthama came forward, the beloved son of Drona.
"What you see, son?" Drona asked.
"I see just the bird," said Aswatthama.
"How is it done?" the teacher asked again.
"The color is green, the beak is red," he said."Go away!" Drona ordered.
It was the turn of Arjuna, one who would become the greatest archer of antiquity.
"What you see, Arjuna?" Drona asked.
"I see the bird," he said.
"Then what do you see?"
"Nothing, just the bird."
"Describe it" Drona ordered.
"The head is round, the eyes are open."
"And the body?" asked the teacher.
"I do not see the body, I see just the head" said Arjuna concentrated.
"Tell me then what you see," insisted Drona.
"Nothing but the bird's head, just, only that."
"Shoot!" Drona ordered.
The arrow was shot into the target and struck violently it piercing the wood bird's eye.

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