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The death of Swami Nigamananda against Ganges pollution

Ganges - Varanasi
It's been four months that he was fasting. Swami Nigamananda died June 13 at the age of 34 years to the hospital in Dehradun.
Nigamananda was fasting to protest against rampant corruption in India, against plans to uncontrolled exploitation of the ground in Uttarakhand and especially against the pollution of the Ganges, whose sources are located in this state in northern India.
Nigamananda had left home in 1995 to become a sannyasa, renouncer,  and engage in search of self. He lived at the ashram of Matra Sadan and was a recognized throughout India guru.
He had started his non-violent form of protest the February 19 against   illegal and systematic exploitation of mines in the Ganges.
This is an illegal system that produces huge profits and live thanks to collusion, connivance and corruption of all state apparatuses: the government, ministers, the forester, the police. Opponents will be deleted.
Political parties accuse each other and try to exploit the great amount of publicity that the event has had in India. The Congress Party accuses the BJP, the Hindu fundamentalist party in government in that state, which contends that the projects against which Nigamananda struggled existed during the administration of the Congress Party.
On the death of the spiritual leader has also opened a judicial inquiry as some say that the guru was even poisoned while others argue that he has not been properly cared for during the hospitalization.
Swami Nigamananda, whose karmic residue was exhausted and therefore did not need to be burned on the funeral pyre, was buried in the position of the padma asana, as the gurus who have made the moksha in this life that is stopping the samsara or cycle of of rebirth.

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