domenica 31 gennaio 2016

The fearless place

The attainment of Brahman, of the knowledge of the Self, the goal Hindu spiritual path, is called from the Katha Upanishad, "reaching the fearless place" (II, 11). That is to reach "the other side of no fear."
Some translations speak of "place of safety", but it seems much more significant and beautiful the literal translation from the Sanskrit word "abhaya", which means "not fear".
And it is obvious that, once reached the Self, there is no more fear, because this achievement corresponds with the awareness of the absence of otherness. And where there is not another can not be afraid, you are afraid of something else, as we remember also the Brhadaryanaka Upanishad (I, 4, 2).
The first otherness that must be eliminated is that of me and mine, to be convinced that I am not my body, my experiences, my life, thinking that I am nama and rupa, name and form and not that I am the Self , tat tvam asi: I'm that one.
The great sage Ramana Maharshi recalls: "I stopped to take what was not me or mine and so I defeated every fear."
Knowledge of Brahman is the first self-knowledge as the Self and this Self, Brahman, is not knowable by the study, with the works, with the intelligence. "Only the man without wishes who want just the Self can reach it" (KU II 23).
"Close the doors of the  eleven gates fortress and look inside of you". (KU IV 1).

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