sabato 23 novembre 2013

The Sun agrees to cut his rays for love

Surya on his chariot with seven horses
Surya, the God Sun, who consumes himself in the sacrifice of the cosmic universe, was a very nice and strong young man.
He walked the celestial spheres above his fiery chariot drawn by seven horses and driven by Aruna, the brother of the man-bird Garuda the vehicle of the God Vishnu.
One day he saw a beautiful girl and fell in love. She was Samjna, the young daughter of Visvakarman, the architect of the Gods. The two were married.
But the splendor and warmth of Surya, or perhaps the power of his love, were intolerable for Samjna since she could not even get close to beloved husband.
One night, then, when Surya was not there, she fled into the forest and had replaced by Chaya (in Sanskrit 'shadow' ), she was in all respects like her, but she was able to hold the light of Surya.
Surya did not notice the substitution and lived with Chaya until one day, when she grumbled hard  a Samjna son, so the God Sun discovered the truth.
Surya immediately went in search of his wife and found her in the forest transformed in a mare not to be discovered. Surya transformed hinself into a stallion and joined her revealing then his true identity.
The two returned to the celestial sphere, but the problem of the heat and light of Surya had not been resolved.
Visvakarman then proposed to reduce the rays of Surya, who accepted. Visvakarman cut off part of the sun's rays so that Surya and Samina could live near.
With cut-rays were built some of the most powerful weapons ever seen in the universe, the trishula (trident) of Shiva , the chakra (disc) of Vishnu, the lance of Karttikeya, the Sun Temple of Konarak.

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