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Do not cross Lakshmana Rekha

In India there is a saying that is related to the Lakshmana rekha, the line of Lakshmana. It says "careful not to exceed the Lakshmana rekha ", "this marks the Lakshmana rekha ", etc .
In practice this is an insurmountable limit or, however, a limit which, if crossed , it will accrue serious consequences.
This saying comes from an episode from the Ramayana, the great Indian epic. It is a crucial moment of the poem or the kidnapping of Sita, wife of Rama, by the demon Ravana, King of Lanka, who wanted revenge against Rama who had defeated and disfigured his sister Surpanakha.
Rama and Lakshmana
Things went more or less like this .

Ravana decided to kidnap Sita, Rama's beloved wife, and to do this asked for help of the demon-hermit Marica. Despite Marica put on guard Ravana, the King of Lanka was inflexible and concocted a diabolical plan.
At that time, Rama and Sita were in exile in the forest along with Lakshmana, Rama's faithful brother.
Marica - thanks to his demonic powers - turned into a beautiful deer, with a golden cloak. The animal began to wander in the forest.
When Sita saw that beautiful animal said to her husband:
"Look how beautiful it is that deer, I'd like to capture it to keep it, if you can not take it alive , kill it, I would love to have his golden cloak."
Lakshmana was not convinced, that deer was too beautiful and too different from the other deer and tried to dissuade Rama .
But every desire of Sita to Rama was an order and he went in pursuit of the deer, leaving Lakshmana to protect Sita.
The deer-Marica took Rama as far as possible. When Rama was able to reach the animal, he shot an arrow that struck at the heart of the deer. The animal immediately changed its appearance and showed itself for what he was, Marica. The demon fell to the ground and, before dying, imitating the voice of Rama, he cried:
" Lakshmana , Sita help me!"
Rama realized that it was a deception and rushed to the hut, but it was too far away.
Sita, hearing the lament from the forest, prayed Lakshmana to rush to the rescue of his brother, but Lakshmana he refused .
"It was not Rama to to cry - he said - Rama is so powerful that he can not be in need of someone, it is a deception."
"If you do not go to the aid of Rama I'll kill myself ." Lakshmana could not do anything but go in search of his brother. Before leaving, did recommended for Sita not to exceed  the line that had done around the hut, the Lakshmana Rekha, the line of Lakshmana. If she had stayed inside that circle would not in any danger, because anyone who had crossed that line to approach Sita would have been charred by the flames.
Cleared the field of Rama and Lakshmana, Ravana, transformed into wandering ascetic, went to the hut of Sita and asked her for food and water.
To honor the sacred duties of hospitality, Sita came to the hermit, crossing the Lakshmana rekha, Ravana captured her and took her to his kingdom in Lanka.

Then: " careful to overcome the Lakshmana rekha !

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