sabato 3 agosto 2013

Narada and the farmer

Narada, a wise man of Hinduism, was really pleased with his own holiness and devotion to God in which his thought was always addressed.
Vishnu then appeared to him and told him to go to a poor farmer who lived on the edge of the village to get to know a person who was most holy and most devoted of Narada same.
The wise man went immediately from this farmer and followed him from morning to night for several days. And what did he see? 
He saw a poor worker who got up early in the morning, prayed God briefly and then went to work in the fields all day. In the evening, before going to bed, the farmer again invoked God and fell asleep.
"And that one would be more holy and more devoted than me?" asked Narada amazed.
"I'll explain this another day - Vishnu said - now I give you an important assignment, take a clay pot and fill it up to the top of the oil, then with this vessel in hand go around the whole city without spilling a single drop of oil."
Narada, pleased to have been chosen by God, did what Lord Vishnu had asked  and spent the entire day to travel that distance. In the evening he came back, tired and satisfied, by God, saying, "Here's the pot, I went around the city without spilling a single drop of oil!"
"Well - Vishnu said - and how many times have you invoked me or you prayed during your trip?"
"My God - Narada replied - I was busy not to spill the oil and walking, I could not think of you or pray?"
"So, he's not holier than you that farmer - said Vishnu - who, despite the fatigue, every morning and every evening calling my name?"

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