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Heaven and hell Hindu

Funeral pyre in Varanasi
Even in the Hindu tradition there are heaven and hell indeed heavens and hells.

After death, the soul of the deceased is carried out in the presence of Yama, King of Death, here is Citragupta the judge of the dead. He have marked in his black book all the actions of the deceased and determining what will be the fate of the soul.
If in this life the deceased behaved respecting the dharma, his soul will be sent in one of the many havens (svarga).
If, however, the deceased behaved badly in life, he will have to serve his punishment in one of the many hells or naraka. According to some traditions narakas are seven, according others twenty-one or twenty-eight.
Heaven and hell are not final destinations. In these lokas (worlds) souls remain until they finish to enjoy or suffer the fruits of their actions. After, they will return in the earthly world where take the form of an inanimate objects, plants, animals or humans depending on the karmic residue, imperfection which still carry with them.
Of course, this does not apply to those who have achieved perfection, the moksha which interrupts samsara (the cycle of rebirth). They had knowledge of Brahman and so they are transported in Brahmaloka, the world of Brahman, "where they live in unfathomable distances, from which they never come back down here."(Brhadaranyaka Upanishad VI, 2, 15).

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