sabato 23 giugno 2012

Prohibited born female

Indian children
We don’t know her name, though she had never had a name, the baby-girl newborn in the district of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan, has died of starvation a few days after birth. She had a fault, a serious fault in some areas of India and especially in Rajasthan, she was a little girl. 
The last Indian census (Census 2011) shows that in that Indian State live 883 girls under the age of six every 1,000 males of the same age. A decade earlier the ratio was 909 to 1.000. 
I have spoken and spoken again, but I are forced to return to this topic. 
In addition to abortions and feticides targeted against girls in that State, the local authorities refer even infanticides. In practice, the parents abandon newborn babies who die of hunger in a few days. 
Just in June deaths of five babies have been reported. One of them was born perfectly healthy, but she died after a few days. The body had obvious signs of malnutrition. 
Of the other four girls the bodies were not found and authorities are investigating, the villagers reported that their tradition is to leave in the woods the corpses of children who died before reaching six months of life. In fact, the tradition provides for the bodies of infants the burial and the police are certain that in these cases of infanticide the body is somehow removed also thanks to chemicals that accelerate the decomposition. 
Authorities are trying to react. In one case - pending the results of the autopsy - the father of one of the girls died was arrested, while the police are tracking down the parents of another baby dead who have fled to escape justice. 
The situation is terrible, if you think that only in Rajasthan in recent years has an average of 2,500 a day feticides and female infanticides: I’m not mistaken, 2,500 a day!

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