sabato 24 dicembre 2011

A thought of Arundhati Roy

Indian shop
In a recent issue of "D of the Republic" (italian magazine) there was an interview with Arundhati Roy. They asked her opinion on how India is seen from outside. This is her answer:

"It's funny, because when the so-called "Arab Spring broke" has been followed anywhere. In Kashmir 100 thousand people took to the streets over the past three years, facing tanks, police. There were lots of dead and no one has talked about "spring of Kashmir." Kashmir is under military occupation of the densest in the world: 700 thousand soldiers in the little valley. The U.S. has sent 165 thousand soldiers to attack Iraq! But nobody talks about. Of course, India is the ideal of international finance and then you have to write the growth rate, not the fact that there are 800 million people living on less than 30 cents a day! Or the fact that there are poorer than the 7 poorest states of the Africa combined. We speak about the spiritual life of India, not about a country very violent with women and children and that the middle class ishungry for blood. "

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