sabato 3 dicembre 2011

River to River

 I should speak about the good film Chaplin that yesterday, at the Odeon Cinema in Florence, opened on 11 th edition of River to River, Florence Indian Film Festival, but first I want to focus on greeting the Indian Ambassador in Rome, Debabrata Saha, addressed the Festival.
Well, besides the customary greetings and thanks, Saha Ambassador expressed his appreciation of the fact that this year, as well as films from India, River to River presents one that comes from Pakistan. It is Bol, of Shoaib Mansoor.
I think it's interesting to point out this reference from the perspective of the attempts that two Asian governments are doing to try to normalize diplomatic relations between two countries, from the partition to the present, have always been very turbulent.
Let's go back to Chaplin, director by Anindita Bandopadhyay.
Bansha, the masterful Rudranil Ghosh, is an actor of a troupe of entertainers for parties, birthdays and weddings. He plays Charlot and plays it very well, but this is not enough to ensure the child of eight years Nimua decent meals and a decent roof. The relationship between father and son  is wonderful: infinite love and complicity. There are no problems, everything can be turned with a laugh, even the bread soaked in water which becomes a well-spiced mutton. The boy is always dreaming of one day becoming the protagonist of one of those parties where his father works and he can only see from the windows.
But luck seems to be favorable to Chaplin winning selections to participate in a reality TV show. When economic problems seem to disappear, the small Nimua is diagnosed with a very serious illness.
Bansha, desperate for the doom of his son,  does everything to make happy Nimua and organized a birthday party where Chaplin will recite just for him.

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