lunedì 30 maggio 2011

Non-peacefull India

According to the Global Peace Index 2011, reached its fifth edition, India is one of the least peaceful or, if you will, one of the most vioent country in the world.
To be precise, India is ranked at 135 in the Index calculated over 153 countries worldwide.
The ranking is calculated by adding many factors appropriately proportionate to the number of inhabitants of each country including the level of peace within its borders, as against foreign states, the percentage of murders, violent crimes, of prisoners, acts of terrorism, law enforcement officals.
It's very interesting to examine to the indexes (here), I trascribe a few of them:

Taj Mahal

Level of perceived criminality in society 4/5
Level of disrespect of human rights 4/5
Level of violent crimes 4/5
Number of homicides 4/5
Life expectancy 63,72
Infant mortality per 1,000 live births 50,3
Women in parliament 10,8%
Freedom of the press 38,75%
Current education spending 3,18%
Adult literacy rate 66,02%
Unemployment 10,8%

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