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Mahabharata Part IV - The End

Bhima's revenge
Alliances have become made. The armies deployed on the plain of Kurukshetra. All is ready for the battle.
Arjuna, seeing his cousins, his teachers, his closest friends drew up in fighting order against the Pandavas, has a moment of reflection, he doesn’t want not fight against them, does not want to kill them. Krishna, Arjuna's charioteer, in what will be the Bhagavad Gita (Song of the Lord) explains that for the kshatriya is fair and respectful of the dharma to fight.
The battle begins and will last 18 days. There will be no holds barred, action will be done ungodly, evil, unfair, they will be killed unarmed warriors, warriors in escape. The codes and rules of each battle will be violated.
There are many memorable fights.
The wise Bhishma, the teacher of Kauravas and Pandavas, is pierced by thousands of arrows, but does not die. A god has granted him the privilege to decide the time of his death and he wants to wait a good moment.  He leaves lying on a bed of arrows to die surrounded by the warriors of both armies.
Drona, the master of arms, is apparently invincible and indefatigable. The only way to stop him from fighting is to tell him that his son, Aswatthama, died.  It 's a lie, but Drona does not know it and the just Yudhishthira, Dharma’s son,  confirmed the news. The big Brahman cannot resist loss of his son, abandons his weapons and began sitting in meditation.  So helpless he will be killed.
Karna was killed by Arjuna when the wheel of his wagon was sank  in the bloody mire and the code of war was imposed to stop the fight.
Bhima keeps his promise. First, brutally he murders Duhasasana  and drinks his blood; he was the brother of Duryodhana, who had dragged Draupadi by the hair. Then Duryodhana challenges in combat and kills him with a blow prohibited.
The war is over, the Kauravas are defeated, but  Aswatthama, son of Duryodhana, wants to take vengeance because of the brutality of the conflict and the violation of any codes. At night, he sets fire to the camp of the Pandavas and kills all but the five brothers who were with Krishna outside the camp. At the sight of the carnage Yudhishthira says: "At the very moment of victory, we have been totally defeated."
Yudhishthira was crowned king of Hastinapura, the blind king Dhritarashtra, his wife Gandhari and Kunti, mother of the Pandavas, withdraw into the forest.
The Pandavas, after years of enlightened reign of Yudhishthira, will die and come in Swarga, the paradise of Indra. THE END.

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