martedì 1 maggio 2018

The inmost creed of India

"The inmost creed of India is to find the one in the many, unity in diversity. 
India does not admit difference to be conflict, nor does she espy an enemy in every stranger. 
So she repels none, destroys none, and strives to find a place for all in a vast social order. 
She acknowledges every path and recognizes greatness wherever she finds it.
Since India has this genius for unification, we do not have to fear imaginary enemies. 
We may look forward to our own expansion as the final result of each new struggle. 
Hindu and Buddhist, Muslim and Christian shall not die fighting on Indian soil; here they will find harmony. 
That harmony will not be non-Hindu; on the contrary, it will be peculiarly Hinduistic. And however cosmopolitan the several limbs may be, the heart will still be the heart of India."

Rabindranath Tagore
(Society  and State 1904)

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