sabato 14 novembre 2015

What I'm doing

I'm planning my next trip to India. I just finished the powerful and controversial book "Hindu" of Wendy Doniger and now I'm reading "Delhi" of Rana Dasgupta (Ed. Feltrinelli) and the Bhagavad Gita with commentary by Sri Sankara (Ed. Luni).

The trip: Mumbai, Aurangabad, Ellora and Ajanta, Nasik, Cochin. Starting on December 27, returning on January 11. Plane, train and car.

"Hindu" is a book that gives a lot of information, but that is simplistic purporting to tell the India story (alternative) from sources, 50 million years ago, to the Indian diaspora in the United States. The pages are so many (776), but not enough to avoid the sin of superficiality. However, it is a very interesting read and informative although some theories seem a little weird.

The book "Delhi" are just beginning (pages 140 to 443), it is therefore too early to make a judgment, however, it reads very well.
The commentary of Sankara the Gita is more challenging, in some places almost incomprehensible, but very nice. You have to read slowly and meditate.

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