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Amba's story - Part I

This is the story of a woman humiliated and offended who gave up her own life and her femininity to avenge the wrongs she has suffered.

Amba was to encircle the neck of the beloved Salva, king of Saubala, with garland of flowers, the promise of marriage. He would be her husband, she was choosing him during the Swayamvara, the ceremony organized by the King of Kasi for his three beautiful daughters: Amba, Ambika and Ambalika.
Bhishma kidnaps Amba and her sisters
Tradition would have liked that one of the princesses of Kasi had married the king of Hastinapura, but the father of the princesses did not want even one of his daughters to marry him because he considered that king only the son of a fisherman.
But suddenly showed up at the ceremony Bhishma, the brother of Vikitravirya king of Hastinapura.
Bhishma was wise, strong, unbeatable, he had made a vow of chastity and renounced the throne in favor of his younger brother and he could not allow that the king of Kasi did not give a queen to Hastinapura as usual.
Before Amba officially chose Salva as spouse, Bhishma abducted her and her sisters. The three would become queens of Hastinapura.
All the princes and kings who had come to the ceremony pursued Bhishma and challenged him to fight, but were defeated one after the other. Salva fought hard, but Bhishma unseated him and, humiliating him, spared his life.
Come to Hastinapura, Bhishma introduced the girls to Vikitravirya who was struck by their beauty and decided  immediately to organize the wedding.
"Oh my king - said, however, fearful Amba - please do not marry me, my heart and my love are already promised to another man, the king Salva."
Vikitravirya and  Bhishma agreed and Amba went from her beloved.
"How do you think that I can marry you - said, however Salva - after I lost you in combat, you're not my, you're of Bhishma, he will have won you."
Amba, with a heavy heart, came back to Hastinapura and asked Vikitravirya to marry her, but at this point he didn't wanted her. "I cannot marry a woman - he said - which I know her heart to be of anotherman."
A miserable future lay ahead for Amba, no one man would wanted her,she had only one last chance: Bhishma, who had caused the damage, he had to marry her.
"You can not ask this -  Bhishma said - you know I've taken a vow of celibacy and I can not break my word." Bhishma was adamant.
The princess was destroyed, fled into the thickest forest to meditate, Bhishma had to pay and was born in her a desire for revenge that she cultivated in the depths of the soul.

[the story continues here]

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