sabato 22 giugno 2013

Eulogy of forgiveness

Do you remember the Mahabharata? Do you remember Yudhishthira and his four brothers exiled for thirteen years in the forest with their wife Draupadi after losing the game of dice with the Kaurava cousins​​? Well, those were hard years, and years of hardship, and while the wise Yudhishthira was quite patient, Draupadi and Bhima had moments of discouragement and repeatedly invited the elder brother not to comply with the undertaking given and to attack and defeat the evil cousins .
Yudhishthira, the personification of virtue and dharma (of which he was also the son), he refuses and makes a praise of forgiveness that I summarize here.

Forgiveness is a virtue, forgiveness is sacrifice, forgiveness is the Vedas.Who knows it is able to withstand everything.
Forgiveness is Brahma, forgiveness is the truth, forgiveness is the merit of the ascetic, forgiveness is what holds the universe together.
He who forgives reaches the worlds that are obtained with great sacrifices or with the knowledge of the Vedas or the toughest of asceticism.
Forgiveness is the strength of the powerful, forgiveness is sacrifice, forgiveness is peace.
How can we abandon the forgiveness, which is where they reside Brahma and truth, wisdom, and the whole world?
The wise man should always forgive,
when it is able to forgive any man reaches Brahma.
This world and the other belong to those who are lenient.
In this world reach honors, another bliss.
Those who win their anger to forgiveness, they get the upper regions.
For this reason it has been said that forgiveness is the highest virtue.

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