sabato 6 aprile 2013

The predestined

Four farmers were caught in the middle of fields from a violent storm. The rain came down violently and the four men protected themself under a very large tree.
The storm became more violent, lightnings began crashing to the ground and the men understood that Indra, the God of the sky, had targeted one of them and wanted to strike him. But who of the four?
When a lightning flashed near the tree, one of the four farmers said, "It is now clear, Indra wants one of us and it is useless to take any risk with the other three. I propose that in turn, each one of us leave this tree and run towards the little tree that is in front of us and then come back here. If he is the predestined, Indra hit him, tha God will be satisfied and the other will be saved."
The other farmers accepted and drew the first one.
With fear in his heart the first farmer ran to the tree in front of him, reached it and went back under the large tree.
And so did two other farmers, they ran, they reached the small tree and returned save as the storm was taken down more and more violently.
There was the last farmer, surely he was the predestined.
"I don't want to go - said the poor man - let me stay here with you, until we are together Indra will not strike us, because he will not to kill three innocent men  to hit one predestined!"
But the three men did not want to listen to reason and forced the last former out of the big tree.
The poor man, crying in terror, began to walk toward the little tree and after a few steps, he heard a violent crash behind him.
He turned and saw that a powerful lightning had hit the big tree, had carbonized it and, with it, the three farmers who were under the tree.

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