sabato 22 settembre 2012

"You will die in seven days"

Hindu rites
In Paithan in the state of Maharastra, lived a very  estimated wise man named Eknaath. One day a unhappy man, dissatisfied with his life, came to him and said:
"Great wise Eknaat, your life is so simple and devoid of sins! Do not get angry with anyone, do not argue with nobody, nothing makes you worry, do not hate anyone. You are calm, patient, loving, pure! How do you do? Teach me the secret. "
"Forget me - said Eknaath - actually I know something about you. In seven days you will die."
Who could not believe the words of Eknaath? Going to die in seven days? What a disgrace! The distraught man came home, he did not care anymore. Then became ill. They spent six days and he didn't recover. On the seventh day Eknaath came to visit and asked him:
"How are you?"
"Everything is finished - said the man - now I'm leaving."
Eknaath asked:
"In these six days, how many sins have you committed, whit how many people was you  angry and how many bad thoughts did you have or bad actions have you committed?"
And the man, who was now waiting for death, replied:
"Wise Eknaat, how could I have time to worry about something? How could I commit evil deeds or have sinful thoughts? The death was constantly before my eyes. "
Eknaath then said:
"Now you know why my live is completely free of sin. If death is always in front of us, how can evil thoughts arise, how can we wish for something? Continuously think death is the way to avoid sins. If death looks constantly in your face, how can a man commit sin?"

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