sabato 21 aprile 2012

"You're the tenth"

Indian river (Tamil Nadu)
Ten men were walking when they faced a rushing river. Nobody could swim well and the river’s current was very strong, but they had to cross it to continue their journey.
 One by one the ten men then jumped into the river. After much difficulty they reached the other bank and one of them counted to see if all ten had saved. But he counted only nine persons because he didn’t count himself. To check again an other of them counted the fellows and he arrived at nine too, because he forgot to count himself.
Convinced they had lost a companion, the men despaired until a stranger passed by that place who asked them why they despaired.
 They told him they had lost a companion crossing the river and to prove him that one of them counted again the fellows and said, "See, we were ten and now we are nine, we lost one of our mates!"

The stranger immediately realized the mistake and touched the breast of the man who had counted the other mates, saying, "you're the tenth."
 And so he did to the other fellow, touched their chest and repeated to each, "you're the tenth."

Similarly, the disciple goes to his own guru saying, "I cannot find the truth, I have looked for it in the the world, in study, in science, in religion, I looked for it in the sky, but I haven’t found it." 
The guru then approaches the student, touching his chest and says "tat tvam asi," that "you're the one, you're the truth you're looking for."

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