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Yajnavalkya and the rat-girl

File:Shri Surya Bhagvan bazaar art, c.1940's.jpgOnce on the Holy Ganges the wise man Yajnavalkya was bathing when a little mouse, escaping from the beak of a bird, dropped into his hand. By the power of his austerity the mouse changed in a little girl and Yajnavalkya gave the girl to his wife and said to her: “Take this little girl and bring her up with care as though she were our own daughter.”
The girl grew up and reached a marriageable age. 
Yajnavalkya wanted an important and powerfull husband for her, but he wanted she were to choose his own man.
The wise man thought give her to Surya God of Sun.
“This is the Sun - Yajnavalkya said to his own daughter - who lights the three worlds, will you  choose him?” 
The girl answered: “Surya is too hot, I don’t want him.” 
Then Yajnavalkya said to the Sun. “Surya, is there any other more powerful then you?” 
“The Cloud is more powerful then me – Surya answered – when it cover me, I become invisible.” 
“Do you like the Cloud?” the wise man asked to girl. 
“I don’t – she answered – the Cloud is too cold and black.”
“Is there any other more powerful then you?” Yajnavalkya asked to the Cloud.
“The Wind is stronger then me – the Cloud answered – when the Wind blows I scatter in the sky.” 
Therefore Yajnavalkya proposed to her daughter the Wind, but she refused because the Wind was too variable. 
The Wind said to Yajnavalkya the Mountain was stronger then him, because the Mountain could stop him. 
“Give me to some one else – the girl said – the Mountain is too rude and harsh.” 
“But who is greater and stronger then the Mountain?” Yajnavalkya asked. 
“The Rats – the Mountain answered – the Rats can gnaw my body and I cannot prevent it. The Rats are more powerful then me!” 
Yajnavalkya went to King of Rats and asked her daughter if that was the husband she wanted. 
“Yes – she answered – he is one of my own species, father, change me again into a mouse and give me to the Rat." 
And so it was.

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