sabato 21 gennaio 2017

January 30, Anniversary of Gandhi's death

The January 30, 1948 Nathuram Godse killed Mahatma Gandhi in Delhi, while he was on his way to prayer.

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Non-possession is allied to non-stealing. A thing not originally stolen must nevertheless be classified as stolen property if we possess it without needing it. Possession implies provision for the future. A seeker after truth, a follewer of of the law of love, cannot hold anything against tomorrow. God never stores for the morrow; He never creates more than what is strictly needed for the moment. If, therefore, we repose faith in His providence, we should be assured that He will give us every day our daily bread, meaning everything we require.[...]
Our ignorance or negligence of the Dine Law, which gives to man from day to day his daily bread and no more, has given rise to inequalities with all the miseries attendant upon them.
The rich have a superfluous store of things which they do not need, and which are therefore neglectet and wasted; while millions starve to death for want of sustenance. 
If each retained possession only of what he needed, no one would be in want and all would live in contentment. As it is, the rich are discontented no less than the poor. The poor man would fain become a millionaire, and the millionaire a multi-milionaire. [...]
If only the rich keep their own property within moderate limits, the starving will be easily fed and willlearn the lesson of contentment along with the rich.
perfect fulfilment of the ideal of non-possession requires that man should, like the birds, have no roof over his head, no clothing and no stock of food for the morrow. He will indeed need his daily bread, but it will be God's business, and not his, to provide it. Only very very few, it any at all, can reach this ideal. We ordinary seekers may not be repelled by the seeming impossibility. But we must keep the ideal costantly before us, and in the light thereof critically examine our possessions and try to reduce them.
Civilization, in the real sense of the term, consists not in the multiplication, but in the deliberate and voluntary reduction of wants.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

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