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Which side is Krishna?

Mahabharata. Attempts to avoid war between cousins Pandavas and the userpers Kauravas had failed. The war was inevitable and the two contenders were trying to form alliances with the neighboring king to put together numerous, powerful and victorious armies.
But which side is Krishna? The God, incarnation of Vishnu, the king of Dwaraka and his large and powerful army of invincible warriors, would support Yudhishthira and the other four Pandava brothers or Duryodhana? Krishna was related to both and the alliance with him was too precious.
It was urgent to send a mission to the kingdom of Dwaraka. For the Pandavas, Arjuna was sent, while the Kauravas left the same Duryodhana, the king who had usurped the throne of Hastinapura cousins winning by deception a dramatic game of dice.
Duryodhana came with a slight advance and then went first to the room where Krishna was still asleep and sat on the throne placed at the head of the bed. Arjuna followed him and stood with her hands folded at the foot of the bed where the king was sleeping.
When Krishna woke up, he saw Arjuna first and then Duryodhana and asked:
"Why do you come to me?"
"Soon there will be a great war between us - said Duryodhana - and we want to know with whom will fight your army. You are a friend and relative of both, and we know that you do not preferences."
"Given the situation here is what I will - Krishna said - one of you will be able to choose my powerful and invincible army, the other will choose me, I will be alone and I will not."
Duryodhana, to hear the offer, was glad to have come first because the first choice was his according to the tradition and he would choose the armies of Dwaraka and certainly not the help of one man.
"I came first - then told Duryodhana - and tradition has it that it is the first I choose." 
"You will also come first - Krishna said - but when I woke up I saw Arjuna first who was at my feet, in addition the tradition want that the youngest speaks first, then Arjuna will choose first."
On Duryodhana fell despair, he was certain that Arjuna would choose the army, but the Pandava hero said:
"I choose you, Krishna, alone and unarmed. I have no doubt. You will be my driver, you'll drive my chariot."
Duryodhana jumped for joy, had obtained the support of a strong and numerous army, now he was able to fight on the field of battle the hated cousins and their armies.
The outcome of the bloodiest war of humanity, depend on this choice too. Arjuna chose Krishna, the God on earth, which led him into the field of battle, telling him what to do and what not to do, and in front of that high moral guidance, the stronger and more numerous armies of the Kauravas succumbed.

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