mercoledì 5 marzo 2014

Indian elections: the dates

The largest democracy in the world calls its 814 million voters to the polls to elect the members of the Lok Sabha, literally the People's house, the Parliament of the Republic of India.

Have been made know the dates of this major exercise in democracy. The indians will vote - depending on the state - from 7 April to 12 May, while the counting will take place on 16 May and the installation of the new legislature will be made by May 31.
These are crucial elections. Hardly the Congress Party, who led India almost continuously since independence to today, will win. Polls give a clear advantage Narendra Modi, the candidate of the nationalist party BJP, the current prime minister of the populous state of Gujarat.
Will play a key role in the regional parties and the neo-formation that has won in recent weeks, the town hall of Delhi, the Common Man Party (AAP). Their deputies will be essential to allow one of the two major national parties to launch the new government, as Congress or BJP difficult to get an absolute majority of votes.

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