lunedì 17 dicembre 2012

Chittagong wins River to River award

The Indian independence from the British yoke was not exclusively the result of the non-violent struggle of Mahatma Gandhi. Independence movements were spread all over the subcontinent and there were many attempts at rebellion against the United Kingdom.
One of these, the most significant, was held in Chittagong (now in Bangladesh) in the 30s, when a group of teenagers, trained by some of the revolutionaries managed to take control of the city and to resist the counteroffensive of the larger and better armed British army.
Delzad Hiwale
This story is told in the film Chittagong, the debut of director indian Bedabrata Pain, awarded to the XII edition of River to River Florence Indian Film Festival.
The film won the audience award and is awarded by the Fondazione Piaggio too.
I saw the film in Rome, at Trevi Cinema, where this year the Festival has had a nice extension.
Jhunku, a fourteen year old not very interested in the rebellion, told the story. He joins the revolutionaries for love and because he no longer tolerates violence and the abuses committed by the occupiers.
It is a gripping and engaging film, the screenplay has no smearing and no voltage drops.

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