sabato 5 maggio 2012

Tagore at Rome

"I know not who paints the pictures on memory’s canvas; but whoever he may be, what he is painting are pictures; by which I mean that he is not there with his brush simply to make a faithful copy ofall that is happening. He takes in and leaves out according to his taste. He makes many a big thing small and small thing big. He has no compunction in putting into the background that which was to the fore, or bringing to the front that which was behind. In short he is painting pictures, and not writing history.” (R. Tagore My Reminiscences 1917). And the pictures, which we can admire in the interesting exhibition staged at Galleria d’arte Moderna di Roma and dedicated to Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941) as a part of the poet’s 150th birth anniversary celebrations, are very beautiful and engaging. 
The exhibition is titled “The last harvest” and was organized by Rabindra Bhavana and by Kkala Bhavan Museum di Visva Bharati with collaboration of National Gallery of Modern Art New Delhi. 
The are a lot of untitled watercolors that recall people, colors, places, symbols Indian, rather Bengali. 
Tagore was a very versatile artist, writer, poet, essayist, musician, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913 and appreciated painter.
The exhibition, which was in major cities around the world, will remain in Rome until May 27.

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