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Hanuman lifts Mount Dronagiri

Shri Hanuman
The dead and wounded warriors of the Rama’s army were million. Indrajit - powerful rakshasa - had used the deadly weapon provided to him by Brahma. The outcome of the war seemed to be compromised for the army of the Prince of Ayodhya and seventh avatar of Vishnu.
Yet the day before fortune seemed to be propitious to Rama. With the help of the monkeys Sugriva and Hanuman, he had found the prison where the demon Ravana kept locked up his wife Sita.
Yes, absolutely, the powerful rakshasa Ravana – in love for the breathtaking beauty of Sita - had kidnapped the wife of Lord Rama and had taken into his kingdom of Lanka and Ramayana tells that just in Lanka there was one of the bloodiest wars the history of mankind.
In short, Rama was in serious trouble, his army was decimated and the war almost lost. What to do?
Jambavan, a wise man, spoke and said: "On the highest and most inaccessible peaks of the Himalayas, on Dronagiri, there are magical plants that restores life to the dead, healing the wounds, which invigorate the body and that strengthen the bones. Bring those plants and I will restore our military force. "
Who could go very quickly from Lanka to Himalayas, who was traveling throughout India and return with the miraculous medicinal herbs? Only Hanuman, the son of Vayu, the God of the wind. And so he did. With three steps (and after many adventures), the monkey god reached the heights of Dronagiri and here, not being able to find those herbs, picked up the entire mountain and with three steps, returned to the battlefield with his precious cargo. 
Some wounded soldiers were re-established only by scent of miraculous herbs, for others injured Jambavan prepared ointments, infusions and other medications. The wounded soldiers healed, the killed soldiers were raised, the battle could go on and Rama could free Sita.
The Ramayana tells us that Hanuman then put the mountain in its place, in fact, still looking at this impressive mountains of the Himalayas it seems that a part is missing. According to the inhabitants of the place it is just the piece that Hanuman took to Lanka to heal his companions.

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